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Find us at The Dancer's Pointe | 207 La Grange Road | Pewee Valley, KY 40056

GrowBabyGrow for Babies

Age 3 months – pre-crawling with parent/caregiver

Enjoy this unique class while you and your baby explore creative dance for 45 glorious minutes of stretching, stimulating, movement-rich play. 

Learn about your amazing baby's development throughout class and take home enriching activities for you and your baby.


Arrive early and stay late to enjoy grown up conversation and make personal connections.

  • Enjoy Tummy Time (Really!)

  • Delight Baby with her Favorite Sounds - Songs and Nursery Rhymes Sung by YOU!

  • Dance Together Like Nobody's Watchin'!

  • Captivate Baby's Senses while Playing Percussion Instruments

  • Being a Baby is Hard Work - Wind Down with Gentle Massage 

  • Give Baby a Whole Body Hug in Relaxing Lycra Hammocks