LENA at Arts in Play

Age 3– 32  months with parent/caregiver

Enjoy this unique 1-hour playgroup style class designed to delight babies and children ages 3 months to 3 years!


Parents and caregivers of Babies, Waddlers, and Toddlers are encouraged to participate at their own pace while experiencing the benefits of social playtime with others.


The class format is structured yet flexible, balancing plenty of big body play and exploration with restful activities to bond and reconnect with each other.

Dinosaurs Marching.JPG
  • Enrich your child's development with fun and creative dance and movement experiences

  • Foster your child’s creativity exploring dance concepts with sensory-rich props

  • Delight in sing-song rhymes while practicing important movement patterns that stimulate language and learning

  • Explore the beat and move your feet while playing a variety of musical instruments

  • Travel through obstacle courses

  • Sail away on a soothing sheet ride to rest and integrate the learning and love!

Why Creative Dance?

During the early years, your child's brain is growing at an astonishing rate! Babies and young children reach developmental milestones in a predictable order at their own pace, literally from the ground up. Dancing together with your child to a wide variety of music enhances neurological, emotional, social, and physical development.


Dancing with your baby in your arms; swaying and moving together as one, as well as floor time for your baby to move spontaneously aids in the integration of your baby's reflexes (involuntary movements). Young waddling walkers are explorers! They seek out challenges to expand their bodies' movement potential as they interact with this big world. Toddlers begin to refine their motor skills as expressive capabilities, social awareness, listening, focus, and musicality begin to thrive. Dancing together during these early years forms strong bonds, healthy bodies, emotional intelligence, social awareness, and cognitive thought, which are the foundation for school readiness!


With a special focus on fun and developmentally appropriate movement activities, you can feel confident you are investing in your child's healthy development. In each GrowBabyGrow Family Playgroup:

  • Babies will have plenty of tummy and floor time so they can move through the early developmental patterns that wire the central nervous system and brain and help your baby reach developmental milestones.

  • Waddlers will delight in learning new ways to use their body, enjoy balancing activities, and gain confidence while exploring the dance concepts.

  • Toddlers confidence and budding independence will be nurtured through challenging movement experiences that cultivate creativity, develop expressive capabilities, improve listening skills, foster social skills, and develop musicality.


Are you ready to get moving to support and encourage your child's potential?

Join GrowBabyGrow to connect with other babies, waddlers, toddlers, parents, and caregivers for an hour of movement-rich creative play, bonding and fun!