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GrowBabyGrow Dance Classes

For more information, please choose the class that is right for you and your child.

With GrowBabyGrow you will learn delightful ways to:

  • Engage with your little one in lovingly playful movement activities during floor play (this includes time on their belly and back) that naturally support their developing nervous system, body and brain

  • Enjoy playtime together with other parents, caregivers, and babies, waddlers, and toddlers

  • Bond with your little one through fun, multi-sensory activities that encourage sequential development from reaching to rolling to creeping on all fours

  • And SO much more!

Arts in Play with GrowBabyGrow at Home

GrowBabyGrow is ringing in the New Year with more dancing and playing, sharing, and building community...

As our need for staying connected during this season of social distancing grows ever more important, it's the perfect time to do a little social disDANCING! Together with Mama to Mama and Family Health Centers of Louisville, we are continuing to do what we love most... dancing and playing with you live each week via Zoom!

Families with children 0 to 5 years old are invited to learn together through interactive, meaningful playtime. Activities during the 1st hour will delight toddlers and preschoolers; activities during the 2nd hour are specially designed for infants. Join us for a FUNtastic time!

This is a FREE and interactive virtual playgroup experience!

What are you waiting for? Let's play!

Arts in Play at Home with GBG_Zoom Size.
Happy baby bouncing on caregivers knees

Ages 3-12 months

This unique, fun and creative one-hour class will enrich your baby’s motor, music and language skills using nursery rhymes, baby exercises, musical instruments and movement-rich play.

Group Rhyme Circle_Abaya

Ages 3 months - 3 years

Discover new ways to dance and play with your baby or child in this active one-hour class. Have fun exploring creative dance with props, musical instruments, rhyming exercises, and obstacle courses.

Nurturing Pathways®, Inc.

GrowBabyGrow Creative Dance for Happy Families uses the Nurturing Pathways® curriculum. Nurturing Pathways®, Inc. promotes healthy development, strong bonds and parent education through creative dance derived from the scientific research on the brain-body connection.


GrowBabyGrow for Babies

Age 3 months – crawling with parent/caregiver

Baby Classes Description

Enjoy this unique class while you and your baby explore creative dance for 45 glorious minutes of stretching, stimulating, movement-rich play. 

Learn about your amazing baby's development throughout class and take home enriching activities for you and your baby.


Arrive early and stay late to enjoy grown-up conversation and make personal connections.

Mom and baby playing together
Mother cuddling her baby while both are seated on the floor
  • Enjoy playful floor time activities

  • Delight Baby with their Favorite Sounds - Songs and Nursery Rhymes Sung by YOU!

  • Dance Together Like Nobody's Watchin'!

  • Captivate Baby's Senses while Playing Percussion Instruments

  • Being a Baby is Hard Work - Wind Down with Gentle Massage 

  • Give Baby a Whole Body Hug in Relaxing Lycra Hammocks

Playgroups Description

GrowBabyGrow Playgroup

Age 3 months – 3 years with parent/caregiver

Enjoy this unique 1-hour playgroup style class designed to delight babies and children ages 3 months to 3 years!


Parents and caregivers of Babies, Waddlers, and Toddlers are encouraged to participate at their own pace while experiencing the benefits of social playtime with others.


The class format is structured yet flexible, balancing plenty of big body play and exploration with restful activities to bond and reconnect with each other.

Families sitting on the floor around small percussion instruments
Children and adults marching and holding scarves
  • Enrich your child's development with fun and creative dance and movement experiences

  • Foster your child’s creativity exploring dance concepts with sensory-rich props

  • Delight in sing-song rhymes while practicing important movement patterns that stimulate language and learning

  • Explore the beat and move your feet while playing a variety of musical instruments

  • Travel through obstacle courses

  • Sail away on a soothing sheet ride to rest and integrate the learning and love!

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