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About GrowBabyGrow

GrowBaby Dance Classes

For more information, please choose the class that is right for you and your child.

With GrowBabyGrow you will learn sweet and fun ways to:


  • Activate and integrate your baby’s primary reflexes while moving through 8 fundamental motor patterns of human development 

  • Enjoy playtime together with other parents and babies

  • Bond with your baby through fun, multi-sensory floor time activities (tummy time) that promote physical, social, emotional and cognitive development!

  • And SO much more!

This unique, fun and creative one-hour class will enrich your baby’s motor, music and language skills using nursery rhymes, baby exercises, musical instruments and movement-rich play.

Ages 3-12 months

Discover new ways to dance and play with your baby or child in this active one-hour class. Have fun exploring creative dance with props, musical instruments, rhyming exercises, and obstacle courses.

Ages 3 months - 3 years

Nurturing Pathways®, Inc.


GrowBabyGrow Creative Dance for Happy Families uses the Nurturing Pathways® curriculum. Nurturing Pathways®, Inc. promotes healthy development, strong bonds and parent education through creative dance derived from the scientific research on the brain-body connection.