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About GrowBabyGrow

Creative Dance, Music, Bonding and Fun for Families!

Toddler, being assisted by caregiver, lying over a large yoga ball, dropping a beanbag into a basket

GrowBabyGrow creative dance programs enhance your baby or child's physical and social development, nurture attachment and bonding, and cultivate lifelong creativity. Families with children ages 3 months through 3 years enjoy 45-60 minute creative dance classes tailored to meet the special developmental needs of babies, waddlers, and toddlers as well as family dancing playgroups where we all dance together.

Caregivers and babies seated on the floor clapping hands

Together Time

Every mom, dad, and caregiver wants to feel confident they are doing all they can to help their child thrive. Parents and caregivers enjoy dedicated time to play with their child(ren) without having to plan their own activities or rearrange their furniture!

Boy in foreground tossing multi-colored scarves up into the air

Digging Deeper

Parents and caregivers value the extra support available in parent workshops designed to dig deeper into practical and interesting topics that include infant reflexes and milestones, social-emotional development, cultivating creativity and more.

But I don't DANCE!

Creative dance is for everyone at every age and stage! Through a unique focus on dance concepts that guide both structured and unstructured movement explorations with fun, colorful and sensory-friendly props and musical instruments, everyone dances in their own way. Parents or caregivers are primarily focused on their own baby or child and your instructor leads the way with simple instructions and "brain bites" that relate the dance activities to brain development, social and emotional development, regulation, school readiness and more. 

Why Dance?

Babies are born to dance! Movement is the gateway to learning during the first four years of life because sensorimotor and social development precedes language and logic skills. GrowBabyGrow instructors are licensed in The Nurturing Pathways® Program, which is derived from scientific research on the brain-body connection and integrates movement, music and fun into one joy-filled class. GrowBabyGrow programs following the Nurturing Pathways® curriculum, that targets age-appropriate learning and growth encompassing cognitive, physical, sensory and social-emotional development. Click here to receive your complimentary developmental handout describing the benefits of dancing with your baby and child.


Meet the Moms Behind GrowBabyGrow!

Headshot of Elena Diehl

Elena Diehl

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Founder & Owner

Licensed Nurturing PathwaysⓇ Instructor​

Certified Happiest Baby Educator

Brain Compatible Creative Dance Educator

Headshot of Sara Clark

Sara Clark

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Administrative Asscociate

Licensed Nurturing PathwaysⓇ Instructor

Brain Compatible Creative Dance Educator

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