What do Families Say About GrowBabyGrow?

"My children and I love Arts in Play! I started when my first son was 6 months old. Now, he is 3.5 and his brother is just over 1. This class is still one of our favorite places to go together and is often requested by my littles."

~Playgroup Parent

"It has provided stimulating activities not only done in class, but that I can do with him at home."

~Baby Class Parent

"This class is invaluable in a social and emotional level for families."

~Playgroup Parent

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"This class has been amazing for my girls and I. Because caregivers are participating too it’s been positive for them to see me listening and following directions right along with them."

~Playgroup Parent

"We have fun together!"


~Toddler Class Parent

"I feel I've gotten closer to my daughter by sharing this class with her. I feel I've learned to better relate to her by understanding how her brain works."


~Baby Class Parent

Ms. Elena has a way of engaging with babies, toddlers, and children of all ages that is truly magical. She is fun and playful, but also calming and comforting. She is incredibly knowledgeable about brain development in small children and always seems to know what a child needs to open up and participate as well as to calm down and process. She is respectful of the children’s boundaries and helps the parents understand how to navigate the tough things and make the most out of playtime. We always leave happy and more knowledgeable than when we came. This class is a fun way to spend time with my kids and socialize with other parents. I could not recommend this class or Ms. Elena more!


~Baby Class and Playgroup Parent

"I love when she brings things home from class, or I am able to use lessons from class in our everyday. Breathing, and listening, but also use of body awareness and shapes!"


~Toddler Class Parent

"Sign up! It's wonderful play time with your baby but with so much added benefit for you and your little one. It's the smart thing to do and to invest money in."


~ Baby Class Parent

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