Frequently Asked Questions

LENA "Talk Pedometer" Technology

LENA at Arts in Play uses regular feedback from LENA "talk pedometer" technology to help increase interactive talk. Understanding how the LENA technology works is essential for trusting in the valuable feedback it provides! We understand the questions you may have around this and have first-hand experience using it with our own children. We welcome your questions and want you to feel comfortable using your LENA device.


What does the "talk pedometer" technology do?


One day per week, you will switch on your LENA device, press the record button, pop it in the vest pocket, and dress your little one in the vest (on top of their regular clothes) for the entire day. The LENA device will track the number of words exchanged between you and your little one throughout your LENA day. Leave the device on all day - set it and forget it - and it will shut down when it is full and it's battery runs out.

When you press "record", you may wonder if this little device understands what you're talking about?


The answer is, not at all! The device does not have a vocabulary or a dictionary so it cannot understand what your words mean. There is no way to playback the information and the device cannot detect tone. Once the information on your device is uploaded, all the data is erased so you can use it again on your next LENA day

But then you might ask, how does it "track" our conversations?


The LENA device only identifies syllables or the rhythm of the back and forth conversations between you and your baby. Just like a fit-bit only tracks doesn't know where you're going. So it counts the steps to and from the leftover Halloween candy the same as if you went for a jog. 

Watch this video to learn more about how the LENA "talk pedometer" technology works and feel free to reach out if you have more questions!

How do I prepare for LENA at Arts in Play?


Each session will begin with a short round of introductions then we will jump right into playing, dancing, and bonding together with your little one. Depending on your little one's sleep schedule and your preference, you may participate together, play along with us yourself, or watch and learn. The atmosphere is very playful so you can let go of your inhibitions and act a little (or a lot) silly! 


  • Prepare a bit of space large enough to explore movement - Elena's living room is pretty small and she's able to fit in a LOT of dancing! 

  • Dress comfortably in yoga or workout attire, bare feet and be ready to groove

  • Dress your little one comfortably - babies in a onesie with bare feet; toddlers in comfortable clothing and bare feet

  • Remember that every child and family will participate in their own way...


Playgroup Participation Expectations


As your group leaders, we are very comfortable with all the ways you and your little one participate in our play activities! We have a wide range of ages and stages in our group and we expect that every child will participate in their own way. Some may be nursing, eating, or sleeping. Some will jump right in or watch you as they take in the new experience...and still, others will seem completely uninterested! Rest assured, no matter how you and your little one participate, we are here for all of it!

At the core of our playgroups, it is our belief that you are your child's first, favorite, and BEST teacher! So that you have loads of resources to enjoy in your own time, we delight in sharing ideas, movement activities, and rhymes alongside the LENA curriculum as we model playing together during our hour on Zoom!


LENA at Arts in Play Week 1

Introduction to LENA Home, How to Measure Talk with LENA, and The LENA Snapshot, Dance Concepts & Playgroup Props


LENA at Arts in Play Week 3

Understanding your LENA Report + Fun Facts, Dance Concept & Props, Talking Tips Challenge


LENA at Arts in Play Week 5

Songs & Rhymes, Snapshot Reminder, RhymeTime Challenge, Music Sharing, Dance Concept & Props


LENA at Arts in Play Week 7

Interactive Playtime, Listen4Good Survey, Talking Tips Challenge, Dance Concept & Props


LENA at Arts in Play Week 9

Out & About With Your Little one, Learning Goals Reflection, Dance Concept, Props, Building Blocks


LENA at Arts in Play Week 2

Introducing the 14 Talking Tips, Library Challenge, Dance Concept & Playgroup Props, 6 Sensory-Motor Building Blocks


LENA at Arts in Play Week 4

Shared Reading, LENA Percentiles, Reading Challenge, Dance Concept & Props


LENA at Arts in Play Week 6

Clothing Changes, 1:1 LENA Report Review, FOCUS Photo Challenge, Saying "Good Job", Dance Concept & Props


LENA at Arts in Play Week 8 

Mealtime Conversations, ABCs & 123s From the Inside Out, Mealtime Challenge, Dance Concept & Props


LENA at Arts in Play Week 10

Small Moments & Bathtime, Final Forms, Celebration Story Sharing Signup, Dance Concept & Props

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