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Developing Skills for Problem-Solving and Self-Regulation by Dancing our DIRECTIONS

As a full-fledged grownup, we have years of experiences that inform how we approach “life.” We’ve developed skills for problem-solving, mindfulness, and managing daily stresses, and learned how we prefer to recuperate. For our children, we can nurture their path to wellness in many ways. But as with all structures that stand the test of time, we have to build from the bottom up! Young children are concrete thinkers and it’s the “real-life” experiences that wire their brains for abstract thinking.


Planning ahead and reflecting on past experiences are abstract thoughts. Even being “present” and in the moment requires us to think about thinking. How do we help children grow their minds for complex, abstract thought? By doing those ideas with our bodies!


That’s why, this week, we’re going to experience movement in the six pure DIRECTIONS: up/down, forward/backward, and side to side! Being “in the moment” is related to moving UP and DOWN and SIDE to SIDE. When we plan ahead, we’re thinking FORWARD. And when reflecting, we’re thinking BACK to past experiences. We experience directions in our actions AND thoughts. How amazing is that? 

Toddlers moving in different directions. 1. Blonde toddler being lifted UP into the air, her hair flying. 2. Red-haired toddler scooting FORWARD on a green scooter. 3. Dark-haired preschooler facing adult and tipping to the SIDE.


Join GrowBabyGrow at Arts in Play every Saturday at noon, in person at Family Health Center (East Broadway).


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