Why should I dance with my baby?​

Delightful Dancing ~ Improved Sleep!

Movement & Music ~ Brain Food!

Creative Playtime ~ Loving Bonds!

Grow Smart from the Start in a
GrowBabyGrow Family Playgroup!

Playful Dancing

Sensory-Rich Props

Rhythmical Musical Instruments

Braintastic Obstacle Courses

Boost Motor Milestones

Nurture Attachment & Relationships

Foster School Readiness

"Ms. Elena has a way of engaging with babies, toddlers, and children of all ages that is truly magical. She is fun and playful, but also calming and comforting."

~Playgroup Parent

"It has provided stimulating activities not only done in class, but that I can do with him at home."

~Baby Class Parent

"This class is invaluable in a social and emotional level for families."

~Playgroup Parent

"This class has been amazing for my girls and I. Because caregivers are participating too it’s been positive for them to see me listening and following directions right along with them."

~Playgroup Parent

Happiest Baby
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