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Develop Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation by Exploring our SIZE

As the delicate buds of Spring bloom and flourish with the Summer sun, the season of new life and growth is a wonderfully inspiring time to imagine the possibilities of your little one’s future self. During every loving and playful interaction, you are planting tiny seeds of joy, compassion, creativity, awareness, confidence, resiliency, acceptance, and so much more. It’s through these small, everyday experiences that your little one will grow into the big kid, tween, teen, and grown-up you imagine they may become.


This week, let’s plant seeds of awareness and self-regulation by exploring SIZE. Together, we’ll move our bodies outward to BIG (taking in information, exploring, being in action) then turn inward to small (calming, returning to me, ceasing from activity). This is one way your little one becomes aware and comfortable with how they feel inside their bodies. With playful practice, they learn the BIG skills of self-awareness and (eventually) self-regulation by experiencing it with their body!


Join GrowBabyGrow at Arts in Play every Saturday at noon, in person at Family Health Center (East Broadway).



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