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Curious Minds Want to Know! What are the Benefits of GrowBabyGrow?

During the early years, from birth through age five, your child's brain is growing at an astonishing rate. And did you know that you are your child's first and very best teacher? YES! Participating in GrowBabyGrow playgroups offers you a special chance to enjoy quality time together while enhancing your baby or young child's physical and social development, nurturing your bond, and cultivating lifelong creativity.


👶🏽 Dancing with your baby in your arms; swaying and moving together as one, as well as floor time for your baby to move spontaneously, aids in the integration of your baby's reflexes (priming them for voluntary movement).

🧒🏻 Young waddling walkers are explorers! They seek out challenges to test their balance and expand their bodies' movement potential as they interact with this big world.

🤸🏾 Toddlers begin to refine their motor skills and their expressive capabilities, social awareness, listening, focus, and musicality are primed to thrive.

Dancing together during these formative years, from birth through age five, nurtures strong bonds, healthy bodies, emotional intelligence, social awareness, and cognitive thought, which are the foundation for school readiness!

With a special focus on fun and developmentally appropriate movement activities, you can feel confident you are investing in your child's healthy development. Together you will...

🌱 Build capable bodies

🌱 Nurture secure attachment

🌱 Develop integrated brains

What's a GrowBabyGrow playgroup like?
  • Your instructor plans and guides the dancing fun, while you lovingly and playfully interact with your little one to make this the best hour of your week!

  • Be ready to move! Come prepared and dressed in comfortable clothing (for you and your child). We will march, roll, gallop, stretch, and more in every class.

  • Infants experience movement as you dance with them in your arms. They explore independently on the floor to become aware of the space around them and how to navigate through it while engaging with sensory props.

  • “Just right” challenges for toddlers and preschoolers increase motivation for learning by strengthening their mind-body connection, expanding physical and mental problem-solving skills, and accelerating response time.

  • Experience the many benefits of a GrowBabyGrow Playgroup.

Join us and make Arts in Play with GrowBabyGrow one of your family’s favorite weekly activities!

Four images showing the Family Health Center (East Broadway) building and parking lot.

There is free parking in the lot behind Family Health Center - East Broadway (FHC).

Our playgroup meets in the second-floor community room. Although there is an elevator, strollers are not advised because there is limited space for stroller parking. Consider babywearing or carry your little one up to the fun!

TARC Routes

Join GrowBabyGrow at Arts in Play every Saturday at noon, in person at Family Health Center (East Broadway).



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