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How big is baby? Soooo BIG!

Did you stretch your arms out wide above your head when you read that?! Your wee-self probably giggled as you played this game with a loving adult and you’ve likely played it with the babies in your life. The loving and playful games adults play with babies and young children truly are the foundation for things like vocabulary and language development. Talk, quite literally, builds babies’ brains. And linking language to action strengthens a bountiful vocabulary.


The season for language acquisition starts at 4 months and there is a 5 months lag before your little one can verbally express what they understand. Children cannot say a word they have not heard, so be creative and playful with the words you use to describe what you see and how you move your body. 


Join GrowBabyGrow at Arts in Play at noon on Saturday to explore SIZE and use all kinds of fun and fancy vocabulary words!


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