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Relieve the Pressure with 💪🏽WEIGHT🏋🏽‍♀️

It finally feels like winter, GrowBabyGrow Families! It’s mighty cold out there and we even had our first snowfall! Whose little one isn’t fascinated by the snow? It is quite magical (even for some of us grownups!)

So we bundle up under the weight of all the layers to play outside then we peel off the layers and run free in the warm house (why isn’t the toddler asleep yet?) All that heavy work is exhilarating, which might cause their bodies to demand a different effort before they’re ready to rest. On the flip side, when there are fewer opportunities to get outside, little ones and their grownups need a way to release the steam to avoid feeling “stove up”. So this week, we’ll play with the concept of WEIGHT; alternating between strong, heavy movements and light, effortless movements, which are great for regulating well-being because it engages the Proprioceptive System.

🏂+🕊️= 😊

When they can feel and become aware of the difference, it helps your child release their physical stress or tension and become relaxed, calm, and focused. Because our physiology affects our emotions, it not only acts as a massage to the muscles, it also has the same effect on the mind; transferring into the ability to control our state of mind and manage emotions. Exciting stuff for your little one!


🧒🏽 Here’s a list of playful props we’ll use in the first hour with Waddlers and Toddlers:

● Scarves/lightweight fabric

● Chuckems (⅓ pool noodle or empty paper towel rolls)

● Homemade instruments - pots/wooden spoons, water bottle shakers, empty paper towel rolls, metal spoons...anything you can find that makes noise!

● Sheet or towel for a relaxing sheet ride


👶 Here’s a list of items we’ll use in the second hour with the Babies:

● Scarves/lightweight fabric

● Sheet or towel for a relaxing sheet ride


Join GrowBabyGrow at Arts in Play every Thursday morning on Zoom by clicking here 👇🏽Toddlers meet at 10 am ET and Babies join at 11 am ET.


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