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The🎉 new year🎉 is here and we’re ready to PLAY!

Playgroups are continuing virtually as we begin 2022, so who’s ready for a little social disDANCING? Join GrowBabyGrow as we start fresh and explore dancing in our PLACE: Self & General Space!

This week, you and your little one will experience the joy of “stop and go” as we explore dancing on one spot then locomoting all around. It takes a lot of body control to stop after moving all around and this is one way you are helping your little one to lay the groundwork for emotional regulation and self-inhibitory control (which just happens to be a strong indicator for school readiness). When they master it in their body they can (eventually!) master it in their emotions with your loving understanding and support!


The brain uses the same neurons for thinking as it does for doing, which means that the foundation for self-regulation starts to form as your little one begins mastering their body! Playful movement activities that challenge your little one to control their body are directly related to their ability to control their impulses - both physical and emotional.


Here’s a list of items we’ll use in the first hour with Waddlers and Toddlers:

● Scarves or lightweight fabric

● 1 or 2 washcloth “spots”

● Your loving arms to hug and hold your little one

● Sheet or towel for a relaxing sheet ride


Here’s a list of items we’ll use in the second hour with the Babies:

● Your loving arms!

● Sheet or towel for a relaxing sheet ride


Join GrowBabyGrow at Arts in Play every Thursday morning on Zoom by clicking here 👇🏽All times listed are Eastern Time Zone. Toddlers meet at 10 am and Babies join at 11 am.


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