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Celebrating Relationships

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Developing relationships with others is deeply rooted in the opportunities your little one has to get to know their own body beginning in the earliest stages of self-discovery and is developed over time in an environment rich with opportunities to explore, dance, and play!

The ability to playfully relate to the world around them by climbing on top, creeping around and between, and by hiding a toy under or behind strengthens your little one’s spatial and body awareness, builds confidence, and develops early problem-solving skills.

Babies experience relationships as we move around, above, under, behind and in front of them, strengthening their map of me. Waddlers and toddlers experiment by putting props over, under, behind, between, and around placing a high demand on their spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

The benefits of play are lasting and provide the greatest joy in life - to feel capable and creative! Nurturing confidence, patience, and self-regulation; fostering perseverance, and the ability to creatively find solutions to big and small problems. It’s all about celebrating the relationships we create with ourselves and each other, and the many ways we learn to relate in our ever-changing world!

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