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Growing Smart from the Start with GrowBabyGrow!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Are you interested in learning new, fun and developmentally appropriate ways to engage with your baby or toddler?

Interested in helping them develop their language skills but aren’t sure where to start?

GrowBabyGrow and Mama to Mama have joined together once again to do what we love most... dancing and playing with families just like yours!

Join us in our new series and learn playful, practical, and proven ways to engage with your baby and boost language development through everyday interactions!

What is it?

A 10-week playgroup session that incorporates the Arts in Play GrowBabyGrow curriculum and the LENA talk pedometer program that strengthens the adult/child dyad through interactive talking.

Why is "Interactive Talk" important?

Simple back and forth conversations between you and your little one are a strong influencer for building early language, improving your baby's school readiness, and increasing more positive relationships with their primary caregivers.

How does it work?

Each session throughout the 10 weeks will include stories, songs, plenty of movement and activities that enhance relationships and language skills.

Between weekly playgroups, families will use the LENA System, a pedometer for talk that tracks words, back and forth conversations and other data (only number of words - not meanings), to set goals and track language progress.

Families are eligible to receive a toy, book and gift card for each playgroup attended! Transportation assistance is also available upon request.

Who can participate?

Our LENA Arts in Play family playgroups are free and open to families with children between 3-32* months of age.

*Toddlers are eligible to participate as long as they are no older than 32 months on the first day of the session.

Register for LENA at Arts in Play - Holy Name

(Registration via eventbrite is required)

Registration for this location is open to all families! Spanish speaking families are encouraged to participate. A Spanish interpreter will participate in every session and all written materials are available in your preferred language.


Weekly on Tuesdays 10:00-11:30 am

Session Dates

January 14-March 17 (10 weeks)


Holy Name Catholic Church 2914 S 3rd St.

Weekly playgroups are joyfully and compassionately facilitated by Elena Diehl, Shawna Robinson and Shannon Stone Porter and are a partnership between GrowBabyGrow, Mama to Mama, National Centers For Families Learning, and Family Health Centers.

For more information

Contact Elena at Or (859) 780-2236 (talk & text)

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