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The Gift of Language: LENA Start at Arts in Play!

It’s hard to believe we’ve led 10, yes TEN virtual LENA groups since summer 2020! Before then, we led our first two in-person groups W...A…Y back in January 2020. Since the beginning of LENA at Arts in Play, we’ve had the sincere pleasure to meet 93 families and over 100 babies and their siblings! We couldn’t be more excited to announce our next session starting in January 2022!

Don’t just take our word for how beneficial this program is for families with young babies. Parents and caregivers describe LENA Start at Arts in Play as "motivating", "encouraging", & "intentional". We hope you and your little one will join our next group!

Join Growbabygrow: Creative Dance for Happy Families, Mama To Mama, and Norton Children’s Hospital for a 10-week *virtual* playgroup to learn new and fun ways to play and grow with your little one! Click here for more information and eligibility requirements.

🟣 Meet other families with young children

🟣 Receive new books and activities every week

🟣 Earn $100 in grocery gift cards for participation

🟣 Kindles and hotspots available upon request

Weekly Tuesdays @ 6 pm

January 11 - March 15

Orientation Session

January 4th @ 6 pm

Weekly playgroups are joyfully and compassionately facilitated by Elena Diehl and Shawna Robinson and are a partnership between GrowBabyGrow, Mama to Mama, National Centers For Families Learning, and Norton Children's Hospital.

For more information

Contact Elena at

Or (859) 780-2236 (talk & text)


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